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Our Website Building Process

Welcome to Webspark, where our consultation service is all about understanding your needs. We listen to your ideas and goals to create a website that truly represents your business. Our team works closely with you, ensuring that every step of the website building process is clear, easy, and tailored to your vision. Let’s work together to bring your online presence to life in a way that’s both effective and uniquely you.

In the ‘Site Build’ phase at Webspark, we turn your vision into a digital reality. Our expert team combines design and functionality to craft your website within 2 to 4 weeks. During this time, we focus on responsive design and user experience, ensuring that every aspect of your site meets your needs and goals. We keep you updated throughout the process, guaranteeing a final product that truly represents your business online.

In our Maintenance and Hosting phases, we keep your website running smoothly and securely. Our hosting is reliable and tailored to your site’s needs. For maintenance, we take care of updates and backups, so you don’t have to. Plus, if there’s ever a functional or cosmetic issue with your site, we’ll fix it as soon as possible, at no extra charge. With Webspark, you can trust that your website is in good hands, all the time.

Why Does A Website Matter?

A website often serves as the first point of interaction between your business and potential customers. In today’s digital age, a well-designed website is crucial in making a strong first impression. It reflects your professionalism, attention to detail, and sets the tone for your customer’s experience. A great website invites visitors to explore your brand, showcasing your credibility and expertise right from the start.

Your website is more than just a digital presence; it’s your most powerful selling tool. It’s accessible around the clock, providing a platform where customers can learn about your products or services anytime, anywhere. A good website guides visitors through their buying journey, offers valuable information, and makes purchasing easy and secure. This constant, convenient sales presence helps you reach a wider audience and boosts your business growth.

A website is a key element in shaping your brand’s identity. It’s a canvas where your brand’s story, values, and vision come to life. Through design, content, and user experience, your website communicates what your brand stands for and what sets it apart. It’s an opportunity to connect with your audience on a deeper level, creating a lasting impression and building brand loyalty. A well-crafted website aligns with your brand’s voice and ethos, resonating with your target audience.

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Why Should You Choose Us?

WebSpark offers premium website performance at an affordable price.

Responsive Sites

All of our sites are fully responsive, and look just as good on mobile as desktop.

  • Over 50% of web users are mobile

Secure Data

All of our sites conform to the strictest data privacy laws in the industry.

  • You don’t want to EVER deal with a data breach

Unbeatable Value

Affordably priced, our sites aren’t only great for your business but great for your wallet.

  • Quality service without breaking the bank

SEO Optimized Structure

SEO is a main focal point at the inception of the site, setting the groundwork for high rankings.


Custom Sites For Your Identity

We create custom sites that are consistent and showcase the identity of your brand.


Custom Website Build


  • Complete Customization

  • SEO Friendly Structure
  • Email Alerts

  • $15 /month hosting (optional)

Full Digital Marketing Package

$1000 / Initial
$450 / month

  • Custom Website
  • SEO Campaign
  • Google Ad Management

  • Fast Hosting

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“The site created by webspark has served us well for 2+ years. Their mix of style and simplicity is truly unique.”

Alan Horne

Utah Window Experts Owner

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Landon Hancock
Digital Marketing Expert

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